【Child Custody Case in Hong Kong】Getting a Divorce You Should Know

2020 Fight for Custody Case in Hong Kong and Negative Effects Towards Children

Older generations have mostly thought about the negative effects of divorce on children, but as time has progressed, in today’s open society, is divorce no longer just a one-way negative effect on children? Will the child be happy that both parents have found happiness in another relationship?

1. Child Custody Case in Hong Kong

Child Psychological Trauma: Parents’ divorce can be traumatic for an immature child. Once there are problems in the family, the child still does not know how to deal with the divorce and under this psychological stimulus, there is a sudden change in temperament. There is a chance that the child will become more agitated and angry, and the spleen will deteriorate. In severe cases, the child may not be able to express himself or herself, resulting in psychological trauma, such as depression, low self-esteem, and an inability to speak often.

Academic pressure: Most children grow up in a family. Immature children inevitably compare themselves with their peers. Some of them may compare themselves with their peers who are also gifted and talented students with happy families, which makes them feel inferior and reluctant to invest time and effort in their studies. In addition, a well-integrated family usually spends more resources on their children, so it is inevitable that children from incomplete families will not be motivated in their studies.

Interpersonal relationships: Due to their parents’ divorce, immature children do not know how to cope with their negative emotions and may show some emotional traits, such as being afraid of things, being quiet, timid and not trusting others. Their performance directly affects their ability to handle interpersonal relationships, such as friends and teachers. Their ability to get along with others is affected, which in turn may cause problems in their future social circle.

2. Are the effects of divorce only negative on children?

Divorce is not the only negative thing that affects children. Some families have already broken down and can’t get along with each other and still don’t choose to divorce. The most important thing to remember is that divorce is not just for the children, but also for the children.

Children are forced to grow up fast: Children will one day need to grow up and face more and more challenges along the way. Although divorce is not always easy for children to face, understand and deal with psychological issues when they first learn about it, there is no denying that divorce can be a difficult time. However, it is undeniable that divorce is a difficult time that provides an opportunity for children to grow up faster and to equip themselves for the psychological impact of the future. Although these children face the stress and impact of divorce earlier than their peers, they have a chance to grow up. Often the child’s mind matures as compared to the child of the same age.

Letting broken family relationships have a real “unraveling”: If a family relationship is already broken and you can’t get along and still don’t get divorced, the family relationship is like a balloon that looks peaceful but never knows when it will burst. This will have a greater impact on the children. On the other hand, if you know that your family relationship has broken down beyond repair, divorce is a way out and a way to reduce your child’s exposure to negative emotions.

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